Burlington Bear

Burlington Bear lives at Number One Piccadilly with his butler, Bumbridge and Cook. Burlington is a very smart bear and dresses nattily in matching waistcoats and bow ties and always with a jacket. He likes his home comforts and spends much time sitting in his favourite armchair by the fire. He has a special fondness for carrot cake and drinks endless cups of Earl Grey tea. He has many friends and he likes to sit chatting with them in ‘Crumpets of Curzon Street’ a stylish teashop in Mayfair. He has outings with his best friend Marmaduke which, more often than not, become exciting adventures leaving Burlington feeling a bit wobbly with nerves.


Marmaduke is a very friendly Scottie dog who lives on Tite Street in Chelsea with his landlady Mrs Grumble. He is very well behaved, he takes care to always make his bed, leaves no crumbs when he eats and most especially always wipes his paws on the doormat so as not to leave muddy pawprints. Mrs Grumble is rather meticulous in keeping a very neat and clean house. He loves going on big red buses. When he is with Burlington he always looks over from behind Burlingtons shoulder as he is a little timid. It is not so much that he is scared but that he is not quite as brave as Burlington. Marmaduke is always a little short of pennies so only has his favourite red tartan neckerchief which he always wears.


Mooey is a charming, Friesian cow, small in stature but with a huge personality. She is very popular with her friends and is always chatting and laughing so there is never a dull moment.
Mooey is very extravagant and lives in a suite of rooms at the Ritz Hotel in Piccadilly which she shares with her best friend Darling. She loves to shop and nothing makes her happier than when she is trying on new dresses and shoes in her favourite stores. She loves to travel to exotic destinations and being such a generous little cow she always takes her friends with her and they have such fun together.


Darling is a beautiful, dainty Ostrich with very long legs and delicate fluffy wings. She is always admired but she is very quiet and shy, preferring her friend Mooey to do all the talking.
She is the perfect friend and is always very happy to do exactly as Mooey wants. Darling also loves nothing better than buying pretty clothes and matching hats, and she is always dressed to perfection.


Hamish is a rather rotund little penguin who is very serious. He is in the Scots Guards and is very strong and brave. He can be found at Buckingham Palace where he sometimes guards The Queen and wears a very smart uniform with a large black hat and red tunic. He is good friends with Burlington and Marmaduke and invites them to watch the changing of the guard when he is on duty at Buckingham Palace.


He is Marmaduke’s first cousin although much smaller, he is always seen in his favourite striped school cap set on his head at a jaunty angle. He lives with Tarkie at Inverleakie Castle in Scotland and loves nothing better than playing cricket all day, usually in the dining room of the castle, as it is always raining.


He is the Laird of Inverleakie and second cousins of Marmaduke and Archie. He is proud to wear his full Highland dress, in the blue tartan of his clan, complete with a tam o’shanter. He is often found messing about in his boat and fishing on the loch in front of his ancient castle.


He is a very handsome badger with kind eyes who lives at Ardgowan House in Scotland, not far from Inverleakie. He is best friends with Tarkie.

J P Fairbanks

A clever, urbane fox who is a banker in New York, he always has his paw on the button. He is a good friend of Grenville, Burlington’s brother who is a hedge fund manager in Berkeley Square.