Flying to the Big Apple with British Airways

Heathrow Terminal 5 to JFK with British Airways

This is the first time I have travelled with British Airways, I normally go with BearJets but they have become so unreliable.  I always travel with my monogrammed Globe Trotter luggage. I am just waiting for them to bring out a range for bears inspired by yours truly. A suitcase in polka dots so they match my bow-ties would be perfect.  It might help if I become famous, maybe I could start a boy bear band on the XFactor.

Back to the trip…We took a taxi from No. 1 Piccadilly to the Station; with BearJets you get a Robin Reliant to pick you up but I have to say the Heathrow Express is pretty quick even if it is from that other bears station Paddington. I even had a marmalade sandwich on the train, well when in Rome.  On arrival at Terminal 5 we went straight to the 1st Class check in which was AMAZING.  I do not normally travel at the front but normally squashed at the back but J. P. Fairbanks gave us his BA air miles which was very nice of him indeed! I could get used to First! The check in Lady was very helpful, no queue, nice little lounge area in the airport, did not raise an eyebrow when I went over my luggage allowance, not sure they sell carrot cake in New York, you can never be too sure. We went straight through fast track, no security hick ups, slightly worried about going through the scanner but only fluff inside so I think I was fine, then another helpful lady took us up to the Concord Lounge.

Then who should we bump into but Mooey the cow and Darling the ostrich, friends of mine which was lucky as I got them to test out the Elemis Day Spa which is not my thing at all. Instead we had a  Carrot Cake Martini on their outside/inside Balcony reading the Daily Telegraph, they were fresh out of the Daily Bear, one tip is they could have some children’s magazines/books and toys, a Scalextric would be good if you are reading this Mr. British Airways. We then had a morsel of food in the dinning room which was also excellent and very friendly staff. There were no announcements in the lounge so we nearly missed our flight and the gate was a long walk with my paws but I was not going to miss going First Class!


Elemis Day Spa – Review by Mooey (Cow)

Darling and I thought the Elemis Day Spa, quick, efficient, right by the Concord lounge and just what you need before a longish flight. Having travelled with VirginAtlantic there are never any drop in appointments with the  Cowshed.  It might have cow on the pots but they are not animal focused. I had an amazing 20 minute back massage with Elemis called the Dream Flight Back Massage which was actually FAB. Nothing like a hoof rub to relieve tired fur and the spritzer they used really refreshed me for the entire journey. Not sure if it was a coincidence but I felt pretty refreshed when I arrived at JFK. Highly recommend it!



Well this was by far the best bit! As soon as I walked on the plane the Steward took me to my seat and called me Mr. Burlington, he then took me into the cockpit to meet the Captain which was amazing and the Captain even let me sit in his seat and pretend to drive the plane. I am glad it was only pretend as there were an awful lot of buttons to press…! We had a glass of pink champagne and all the bubbles went to my head – that was with Marmie back in my seat rather than with the crew! The take off was really smooth, the selection of movies great and the television nice and big, I watched Muppets most Wanted, eating ice cream and you will never believe it but chocolate and orange cake which is not carrot cake but comes a pretty close second! They even brought round a hot flannel when I got the chocolate from paw to paw. After supper the nice steward put my bed down, with sheets, pillow and duvet, I had my own sleep suit too in Navy which was pretty fetching. After Supper, a sleep and would you believe it Afternoon tea with scones, clotted cream and Jam before we landed I was ready for my New York adventure. The advantage of being at the front is getting to the passport queue first and into the Big Apple in a Yellow Taxi even faster! To find out what I thought about NYC keep your eyes open for my next Blog.

I could not fault British Airways, their motto is Fly to Serve, and most especially they Fly to Serve Bears…

A very well deserved 5 Gold Carrot Cakes