My very first Blog…

No. 1 Piccadilly
London W1B EAR

Dear Reader,

This is the first time I have put paws to key board. I am not really used to blogging or tweeting more doing what teddy bears do but it is the 21st Century so I am going to have to embrace modern technology. Perhaps I should introduce myself for those of you who do not know me; I am Burlington Bear and I live at Number One Piccadilly in London with my Cook who makes the most amazing carrot cake, she could teach that Peggy Porschen a thing or two.  Bumbridge also looks after me,  more like Mr. Bates does with Lord Grantham in Downton Abbey.  My best friend is Marmaduke, he is a portly Scottie dog that lives with his landlady Mrs. Grumble in Tite Street. She is very Grumpy and cannot cook at all so poor Marmie is always visiting me. My house is more faded grandeur with a leaky roof but I inherited it from my mother Getrude who is sadly no longer with us.  She emigrated to Australia with a Koala Bear but sends me lots of postcards. I have a brother called Grenville who although grumpy does look after me with his charming wife Consuela a honey bear from Brazil. My other friends Mooey a Friesian Cow and Darling the Ostrich live at the Ritz and Hamish the Penguin who lives on the other side of Green Park.

I thought I would start reviewing all my trips, to give you ideas and helpful travel tips!

Just a word on scoring, 5 Gold Carrot Cakes is the best, 1 Gold Carrot Cake being the least best and then on to 5 Stinky Socks and so forth, I think you get the picture…


Burlington Bear x