Letter Writing for Young Bears

I am so excited when I receive letters at Number One Piccadilly. I often read my letters in the morning with a large slice of Cook’s carrot cake and a hot cup of Earl Grey tea snuggled by the fire. However to receive post you do need to write letters which I do enjoy but it does take me a very long time on account of my rather wobbly paws! I sit at a wooden desk in my study at Number One Piccadilly which overlooks the garden. I have a large pad of pale blue writing paper and a fountain pen which was given to me by my friend Mr. Parker. I sometimes use a pencil as I do seem to splash ink everywhere if I am not careful.

The most important letter to write is a thank you letter, as you should always say thank you to someone if they have sent you a present for a birthday or invited you over for carrot cake. I try to send my thank you letters out as quickly as I can but it is never too late to say thank you. See my examples of thank you letters if you should need any help.

Find a nice clean sheet of paper and perhaps draw some lines if your letters do not stay in a straight line. Why not download my writing paper to help you?

Burlington & Marmeduke post some lettersWhen you have finished your letter, fold it and put it in an envelope, remember to put a stamp on your envelope on the top right hand corner and put the name and address very clearly in the middle so the postman can read it. I love going to the big red post box on Piccadilly with my best friend Marmaduke to send my letters. Make sure you ask an adult to come with you too.

Happy letter writing!